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Queer Ally Program Workshop Feb 19th 2020

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The Queer Ally Program is open to students, student organizations, departments, colleges, and committees. To request a workshop go here.


Queer Ally Program Mission Statement

The mission of the Queer Ally Program, in accordance with UC Merced's mission statement, is to promote education, acceptance, and confidential support of gender and sexual diversity.

The Queer Ally Program is a campuswide program designed to visibly identify students, staff and faculty members who support the LGBTQ+ population, understand some of the issues facing LGBTQ+ individuals, and are aware of the various LGBTQ resources. The Queer Ally Program currently consists of two available workshops, the Queer Ally Workshop and our newest curriculum, the Gender Expansive Workshop. Both of these workshops are three and a half hour workshops which provide an introductory foundation of knowledge needed to be an effective in supporting the LGBTQ+ community and those questioning their sexual orientation/gender identity. Campus-wide workshops are offered multiple times every semester, but workshops can also be arranged for other groups if requested. To learn more about each of the workshops, please click here.